Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Big Picture

We as human being will suffer, we will get sick, we hurt and ultimately we die. This past Friday I learned a valuable biblical lesson from a four year old child. I attended the funeral of a dear friend, and was at the coffin with Jagger my nephew. He was explaining to another child that the body in the coffin was only a shell. The important stuff was with Jesus in heaven. As Paul taught us the parable in verse 7-12 of 2 Corinthians he compares us to a jar of clay. The jar of clay itself is not what was important, what was important is what was in the inside of the jar. For us our bodies are not important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. God’s Holy Spirit, His power lives in us. We may be weak but God is not. He does not abandon us, nor does He forsake us. Paul’s word reminds us that though we may be at the end of our rope, we are never at the end of our hope. There is a purpose for our troubles and trials. The suffering we go through should be a reminder of Christ’s suffering for us; it should cause us to step back and look beyond this life. A chance to see there is life after death. It is an opportunity for others to witness our faith in action. It is the time God uses us to demonstrate His power in us, His Holy Sprit at work in us. Our troubles are used by God as opportunities for our faith to grow. He is God, and if our suffering brings Him the most glory, let it be. 
Father God when I want to give up, when I can no longer go You are there with me. In those times You carry me. Show me how to use my troubles as a witness to others, increase my faith so others may see You in me. Thank You for my suffering, use it to bless another. I give You all glory, honor and praise. In Jesus name I pray.
Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

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