Saturday, October 12, 2013

Merry Humbug Christmas

A Merry Humbug Christmas,
Two Tales of Holiday Romance

by Sandra D Bricker

Christmas novella

A Merry Humbug Christmas features two holiday romance novellas from hilarious

and heartwarming author Sandra D. Bricker. In "Once Upon a Jingle Bell,"

A Bah! Humbug cruise to the Mexican Riviera is Joss Snow’s  answer to this year’s

quest to avoid the holidays completely; at least until she’s re-booked on a different

 kind of cruise altogether. Candy canes, holly wreaths, reindeer and ornaments

 seem  to be stalking her on the 12 Days of Christmas holiday cruise extravaganza.

An  escape back to land is her only goal . . . until she meets a kindred spirit in

rugged Irishman Patrick Brenneman, and then the game is on! Avoid Christmas

festivities at all costs . . . except maybe for that one stop under the mistletoe.

In "It Came Upon a Midnight Deer," Reese’s guilt over abandoning best friend

 Joss on their holiday  tradition of avoiding all things Christmas is trumped by

 the joy of her recent engagement. Meeting Damian’s family for the first time

on idyllic Sugarloaf  Mountain is about as far from that Bah! Humbug cruise

 as she can get, and Reese can hardly wait to get there. But from the moment they

hit that deer in the road just two miles from the cabin, everything seems

to go wrong. There are no drummers drumming or pipers piping this

 particular year! And once she sets her future in-laws’ family cabin ablaze,

 she’s pretty sure there won’t be even ONE golden ring in her future. 

My 5 Star review:

This book is about best friends Joss and Reese and their mutual dislike of

Christmas. They usually celebrate Jocelyn’s birthday and Christmas by

taking a trip but this year they are unable to go together so they each go

their separate ways.

Once Upon a Jingle Bell, 
A Merry HUMBUG Christmas Novel

On December 25 at 7:17 a.m. in San Bernardo County, California, unto the

world a child  was born, Merry Christmas Snow. Not only did Merry hate

 her name she hated everything  Christmas. She disliked it so much she changes

 her name to Jocelyn M. Snow, aka Joss.  This year for Christmas she decides

to take the Bah Humbug Cruise. Unbeknown to her the cruise is canceled and

 she is rescheduled on the 12 Days of Christmas Fun Cruise. There she  meets

gorgeous Irishman Patrick Brenneman. Join them as they take one hilarious
voyage  after another and get to know one another. You will have to read this

outstanding story to see  if they find love or not. While on the cruise Joss runs

into CEO of Vandermere Hotels &  Spas, Rodney Jenkins and family, she has been

trying to get him to sign with her  advertising company. Will misspoken words

 cost her their account. See how  fun a family of  seven can be when you tag

along on the ultimate Christmas cruise.

It Came Upon a Midnight Deer,
A Merry HUMBUG Christmas Novel 

Dr. Reese Pendergrass is engaged to Dr. Damian Palmer. She comes from

 humble roots while his family lives like the rich and famous. Join Reese as

she meets the Palmer family for the first time over the Christmas holidays.

She will take you on one misadventure from another while she tries to prove

her worth to Damian.s family. Her story will have you laughing out loud over

and over again. Reese’s adventures will bring you to the ER, have the fire

department swinging by and have her and everyone else questioning her

sanity. Is their love strong enough to withstand the trials of Christmas.

Read more to find out. The author Sandra D. Bricker is know for her laugh

 out loud books and this is no exception,  in fact it is hilarious. I had a hard

time putting it down. Her character bring their Christmas traditions and

escapades alive.

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