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First Kisses - Inspy Kisses Collection 1


Six amazing books from six different authors. They are all Christian fiction set from the 1800’s to present time. Each book is a stand alone book with great settings, story lines and characters. All the books had family and faith. Some of the authors were know to me and some I was unfamiliar with. I really enjoyed each book. I can not wait to check out books from these new authors. I want to thank the authors Linda Goodnight, Janet Tronstad, Debra Clapton, Margaret Daley, Camy Tang, Lacy Williams and publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The Rambler’s Bride by Linda Goodnight
Jericho North is on the quest to get revenge for the death of his brother. He search’s out his brother widow who he thinks is at fault and finds Ester and infant son. He soon realizes Ester North is not the harlot he thought her to be. She is so much more, hardworking, an upright citizen, Christian and mother. Ester is confused by Jericho he is kind, compassionate but has a deep seated anger just beyond the surface. Read this great story to see if they can overcome the things they thought the other was and find a life of love. The author Linda Goodnight did a fantastic job of showing what can be found in life when the love and forgiveness of Christ is present. I give this book five stars and would recommend it to anyone whom loves Christian historical fiction.
Image of Linda Goodnight

NY Times and USA Bestseller, Linda Goodnight writes novels to touch the heart as well as to entertain. Her emotional stories of hope have won the RITA, the Carol, the Reviewer's Choice, and numerous other industry awards. A small town girl, Linda remains close to her roots, making her home in rural Oklahoma. She and husband have a blended family of eight, including two teenagers recently adopted from Ukraine. Many of her books are about family and children and rightly so, as she draws her deeply emotional stories from her surroundings, her great love of family, and from personal experiences as a nurse and teacher. Connect with Linda on Facebook, Twitter, or at

Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Café by Janet Tronstad
In this amazing story a community comes together to help a struggling family. Buddy is the local truck driver and is filled with compassion for the new waitress at the local café. Penny is struggling to raise 6 children and finds herself homeless and out of work. This story demonstrated the true spirit of a Christian. I love how the community pulled together to help Penny and the kids. How Penny, herself was compassionate enough to give up everything to raise her six nieces and nephews. I found Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Café to be an remarkable example of how we all should serve others. The author Janet Tronstad did a great job, the characters are faith filled and believable. Five stars to you and the publisher for this Christian fiction. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.
Image of Janet Tronstad

USA TODAY and PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY Bestselling Author, Janet Tronstad, currently lives in Pasadena, California, but she grew up on a farm in central Montana. That community inspired her long-standing Dry Creek series. In addition to contemporary books, she is noted for her mail-order bride stories.

Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clapton

Cliff, a pro bull rider comes to Mule Hollow to visit his brother Rafe and do some soul searching. He finds more than he every imagined when he saves Maddie from Buford the bull. Maddie has the walls to her heart up after being raised in foster care. But Cliff is determined to bring down her walls and settle in Mule Hollow. Debra Clapton did a wonderful job with this well written book. If you enjoy Christian fiction with a little romance this is the book for you. I enjoyed the spit fire personalities and the witty characters of Her Mule Hollow Cowboy. I give this novel five stars and highly recommend it.

Image of Debra Clopton

Bestselling author Debra Clopton has sold over 2.5 million books and her holiday story, OPERATION: MARRIED BY CHRISTMAS has been optioned for an ABC Family Movie staring LeAnn Rimes. Debra writes cowboy romances, inspirational, Christian romance, contemporary and western romances set in Texas. She is known for her snappy dialogue, cowboy heroes and spunky heroines. Her awards include: The Book Sellers Best, Romantic Times Magazine's Book of the Year. She's also a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist, and a triple finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award.
A sixth generation Texan, Debra lives on a ranch in central Texas with her husband Chuck. She loves to travel and spend time with her family. She is the author of the much loved Mule Hollow Matchmakers series where you never know what the Matchmaking "Posse" is going to do next! She writes for Harlequin Love Inspired and Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins Christian. She is currently working on her 25th novel surrounded by cows, dogs and even renegade donkey herds that keep her writing authentic and often find their way into her stories. She loves helping people smile with her fun, fast paced stories.

Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley
Tess Miller was surprised when a tall dark haired stranger crashed through her front door only to collapse at her feet with a gunshot wound. Shane Burkhart has no idea why someone would be after him. He is a single dad and CEO of DDI. Tess was on much needed vacation from her body guard job but now is guard and nurse over Shane, until she can get him out of her uncles remote cabin. Margaret Daley did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life. I love them and the story line. I highly recommend this book for everyone who enjoys Christian fiction, mystery and romance. I give five stars to Deadly Hunt. Image of Margaret Daley
Margaret has been writing for over 30 years. She started writing in the late 1970s because she wanted to see if she could put a whole story down on paper. That book is still in the drawer and will never see the light of day. But she was able to finish a book, which was her goal.
She decided after that to get some help, and joined a writers' roundtable where she met once a week with some fellow writers who went over each other's work. She sold her first book in the early 1980s and has been selling ever since.
She loves to tell a story. When she was a little girl she made up stories while playing with her dolls. On long trips with her family she would weave a story about the surrounding countryside. From those early beginnings grew a love of entertaining people with a story.
When she went away to college, she met her husband, Mike, to whom she has been married for over 40 years. He is her support and her best friend. She has always felt she was the luckiest woman the day she bumped into him on campus.
When they married, they moved to Tulsa, where she finished her degree in special education and began teaching. She loved teaching and working with students with special needs. They helped her remember what is important in life. She also participated in the Special Olympics as a coach with her students and has attended the State Games in May for years. Recently she retired from teaching to write full-time.
Besides teaching and writing, she is also a mother of one. Her son, Shaun, loves animals and there have been times they could have their own zoo at the house. The most interesting pet Shaun had is a leopard tortoise, which could outlive him. She has joked that his children will be inheriting a tortoise. He is married with four daughters.
When she isn't working, she loves to read, travel, and go to lunch and a movie with a friend. She has been to many countries in the world and loves to meet new people. Her favorite place is Tahiti -- Bora Bora. It is as beautiful as all the pictures portray it.
In her travels she has found herself in some interesting situations. Once, in London, she got caught in the middle of a protest that later turned into a riot over poll taxes. In the rain forest of Costa Rica, she was covered from head to toe in mud and ruined a perfectly good outfit. She should have remembered it was going to be wet since it was called a rain forest. In Rio, she and a friend were left with no means to get back to the hotel on the other side of the city. Neither Margaret nor her companion spoke Portuguese and there wasn't a cab in sight. Thankfully one finally pulled up to the curb at the museum because she couldn't see herself hiking across Rio to get back to the hotel at night.

Necessary Proof by Camy Tang
Alex Villa is in a pickle, he is being accused of a crime he did not commit but is determined to prove his innocence. On the run from the bad guys, he asks Jane Lawton for help with a computer. Now both of their lives are in danger and the bad guys are around every corner. Jane’s character developed a back bone and I have to admire her courage to stand up to other’s. I loved the fast pace of this book. Author Camy Tang did a great job of bringing these characters to life. I highly recommend this book to those who love Christian fiction, suspense and a little bit of romance. Necessary Proof is worthy of five stars. Image of Camy Tang

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. She grew up in Hawaii and now lives in San Jose, California, with her engineer husband and rambunctious mutt, Snickers. She graduated from Stanford University and worked as a biologist researcher for 9 years, but now she writes full-time. She is a staff worker for her church youth group, and she leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service.
Sushi for One? won first place in the Debut Author category and second place in the Chick lit category of the 2008 ACFW Book of the Year awards, Single Sashimi finaled in the Chick lit category of the 2009 ACFW Book of the Year awards, and Deadly Intent finaled in the Inspirational category of Oklahoma RWA's 2010 National Readers Choice Award.
On her blog, she ponders knitting, spinning wool, dogs, running, the Never Ending Diet, and other frivolous things. Visit her website at to read free short stories and subscribe to her quarterly newsletter.

Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy Williams
As a senior in high school Haley Carston received her first kiss from an older college guy Maddox Michael’s. Years later she returns to Redbud Trails, Oklahoma, still remembering that kiss. She only plans to stay long enough to help Aunt Matilda that is fighting cancer. Things take an interesting turn when she meets Maddox’s young niece Livy at the bank. It seems she rode her bike three and quarter miles in order to get a business loan. Read this great book to see if Haley and Maddox can rekindle the flame from before. This was a extraordinary book. It was well written with believable characters and situations, well worth 5 stars.

Image of Lacy Williams  

Lacy Williams grew up on a farm, which is where her love of cowboys was born. In reality, she's married to a right-brained banker (happily with three kiddos). She gets to express her love of western men by writing historical romance. Her books have finaled in the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Awards (2012 & 2013), the Golden Quill and the Booksellers Best Award.
Lacy also writes YA action romance under the pen name Lacy Yager. She has a soft spot for bad boy heroes and heroines with swords. Although her teen years are long behind her, she enjoys writing about the drama and first love that comes with this time in our lives.


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