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Trails & Targets, Dangerous Darlyns Series by Kelly Eileen Hake

Trails & Targets
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Back Cover:  A Darlyn in Distress
Beatrix Darlyn holds her family together. Plentiful prayers and unconventional interests enliven hard work on the family farm, but talent with a trigger won’t pay her father’s debts. For the sake of her three sisters, Bea pushes her pride aside to take a leap of faith.

A Reluctant Rescuer
Greyson Wilder can’t outrun the pain of his past—but he does his best to bury it. A man who’s outlived all his loved ones can’t find a better business than selling the skeletons of slaughtered buffalo. There’s no one to care for, but no one to disappoint—until a sharpshooting farm girl waylays him with an irresistible offer.

An Unlikely Partnership
When their plans go awry, Greyson finds himself saddled with the sisters, who surprising skills might be the ticket to surviving the Wild West. Whether it’s trick shots or throwing knives, these women aim to succeed and never miss a target. Can Greyson convince Bea to set her sights on him, or will they both miss their shot at love?
My Review: 
Trails & Tangles, Book 1 of the Dangerous Darlyns series by Kelly Eileen Hake
Shiloh Run Press
ISBN 9781628367720
Christian Fiction, Historical, Western Romance
  The Darlyns are four bachrlorette’s, that live with their ill father in the Old West. He has taught them to take care of themselves. They can out shoot, throw a knife, ride and rope better than any of the men around. They are also smart, quick witted and great cooks. Beatrix “Bea” being the oldest tries to keep everyone in line and take care of her family. Bea is being harassed by the town bully. When Grayson runs into Bea and her sister in town he comes to their rescue. He follows them home for a thank you dinner and stays for an extended period of time. Can Grey help save her family home and win Bea’s heart? Well you will have to read this wonderful four star book to find out.
  Kelly Eileen Hake did a great job of bringing life to the characters. They were adventurous, witty and strong women of noble character and faith. I give Trails & Tangles 4 stars.
  Quote: “ The Dalyns would stand out in any setting, but Grey couldn’t help thinking they’d find more acceptance and appreciation in a larger, more diverse town. Not that they showed any indication to leave. Drought and debt inspired redoubled efforts,  not despair. Their crops might fail but Darlyn roots ran too deep for them to seek out greener pastures elsewhere.
  Impractical, but understandable. When they’d cut a road into a ravine and coaxed crops from a dry stream bed, they’d build more than a farm. They carved a place for themselves amid the unforgiving plains, a home so cozy that even Grey fought a reluctance to leave.” 
  I want to thank the author Kelly Eileen Hake and publisher Shiloh Run Press for bringing good clean Christian books like this one to readers like me. I would also like to thank The Book Club Network Inc. for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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