Thursday, November 6, 2014

Treacherous Tart by Ellie Grant

Treacherous Tart
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Back Cover: Festive pastries are flying off the shelves at Pie in the Sky, where Maggie Grady and her Aunt Clara sell the best desserts in Durham, North Carolina. Yet it;s not the tantalizing scents of cinnamon and nutmeg in the air, for murder is on the menu too...

 As Christmas approaches, Aunt Clara's love life is heating up. Maggie likes seeing her beloved partner-in-pie happy with her new beau, Donald Wickerson- until Maggie's own boyfriend, local reporter Ryan Summerour, discovers that several of Donald's wealthy exes met with unfortunate "accidents."
  Is Clars's boyfriens just looking to fatten his bank account? Before Maggie ca discover, a dying Donaldstumbles into Pie in the Sky. The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but someone found a handgun more effective. Even worse, Clara-who was out back feeding a stray cat at the time- had motive, means, and no human witnesses. 
  To clear Clara's name, Maggie and Ryan start sifting through suspects. Could the murderer be one of Donald's numerous former in-laws, or an emitted flame? And can Maggie find the culprit before the killer serves up a second helping?

My Review: Treacherous Tart, Pie in the Sky Mystery by Ellie Grant
Pocket Books
Christmas, Cozy Mystery
ISBN 9781451689563
   Donald Wickerson has had six wealthy wives die suspiciously. Now he has his eyes set on Aunt Clara, one of the owners of Pie in the Sky. He walks into the pie shop, calls out to Aunt Clara and drops dead. Who might have killed him? It could be any number of people that he has taken advantage of or maybe one of the many ladies he is dating. Maggie and Ryan are determined not to allow Aunt Clara to take the fall for a crime they know she could not commit. They are doing their best to keep her out of the big house while creating new pies and keeping the newspaper afloat. Aunt Clara insists that they are wrong about her beloved.
   Aunt Clara’s story is filled with vibrant and spirited characters. They bring life and laughter to this novel. The author Ellie Grant did a great job with the storyline and plot it was well written. There is action, laughter and cats, you could not ask for a better lineup unless you add pie, which she has. Treacherous Tart’s is a fun, fast paced and clean read. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys cozy mysteries. I give it 5 stars.
Quote: “Freeze it? Bite your tongue, Maggie Grady! Frozen crust never tastes the same. I thought I taught you better than that.”
There are worse crimes than using frozen crust….
  I want to thank the author Ellie Grant and publisher Pocket Books for bringing good clean  books like this one to readers like me. I was provided with this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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