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A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley

Promise to Protect, A: A Novel
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Book Description: In a steamy small town riddled with broken promises, one woman's secret could change everything.

Acting Sheriff Ben Logan hasn't heard from Leigh Somerall in a very long time, but it doesn't mean he can get her--or their whirlwind romance of ten years ago--out of his head. When she calls out of the blue, it is with a strange request to protect her brother, Tony. But all too soon, Ben is charged with a different task--protecting Leigh from the people after her brother. With Leigh doing everything in her power to avoid Ben, it's no easy task. And the secret she is keeping just may change their lives forever.
"A taut story of mistakes and betrayal, a mother's fierce love, revenge and danger--and the redeeming wonders of faith and love."--Lorena McCourtney, author of the Cate Kinkaid Files and the Ivy Malone Mysteries

"Old secrets, second chances at love, and a skillfully crafted small-town suspense. You will fall in love with Ben and Leigh and cheer them on as they fight for their happy ending. I'm making room on my shelf for all of Patricia Bradley's novels!"--Susan May Warren, bestselling and award-winning author of When I Fall in Love

Patricia Bradley is the winner of a 2012 Daphne du Maurier Award and a 2012 Touched by Love Award and was also a finalist for the 2012 Genesis Award. The author of Shadows of the Past, she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. Bradley makes her home in Mississippi. Learn more at

My Review: A Promise to Protect, Logan Point Book 2
by Patricia Bradley

ISBN 9780800722814

Romance, Suspense, Christian Fiction

Sheriff Ben Logan and Dr. Leigh Somerall dated years ago, ten to be exact. When Tony, Leigh’s brother was shot and died in Ben’s arms, he promised Tony he would look after Leigh and her young son. He does everything in his power to protect her but she wants to keep her distance. It seems that every time they turn around someone is after Leigh. From break-ins to arson, bombs and snakes Leigh and her son TJ find danger around ever corner. Can Ben and Leigh find a second chance at love or will well hidden secrets destroy keep them apart.
The author Patricia Bradley is a new author to me. I found her novel to be well written with extremely well developed characters. A Promise to Protect is full of action and intrigue with romance thrown in. The author’s faith shines through out the novel. The combination of endless action, fast pace and suspense equals a 5 star book sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

The author Patricia Bradley and publisher Revell hit it out the ball park with this faith filled novel. Thank you for bringing compelling Christian books that are entertaining and give hope to the reader with stories of faith. I was provided with this book in exchange for my honest review and I am so grateful for the authors and publishers generosity. 

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Deceived by Irene Hannon

Deceived, A Private Justice Novel
by Irene Hannon
Deceived: A Novel
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About Deceived:A grieving mother. A mysterious child. And a dedicated PI who's determined to solve the puzzle.
For three years, Kate Marshall has been mourning the loss of her husband and four-year-old son in a boating accident. But when she spots a familiar-looking child on a mall escalator, she's convinced it's her son. With police skeptical of her story, she turns to private investigator Connor Sullivan for help. As the former Secret Service agent digs into the case, the boating "accident" begins to look increasingly suspicious. But if Kate's son is alive, someone is intent on keeping him hidden--and may go to lethal lengths to protect a sinister secret.
As Irene Hannon's many fans have come to expect, Deceived is filled with complex characters, unexpected twists, and a riveting plotline that accelerates to an explosive finish.

My Review: Deceived by Irene Hannon
ISBN 978-0-8007-2125-1

Christian Fiction, Romance, Suspense

On her husbands birthday Kate Marshall receives word her husband and young son Kevin have died in a tragic boating accident. Her life will never be the same. But on a lunch time trip to the Mall, she spots a young boy who is hauntingly familiar in his appearance and voice of Kevin. Can this be her son? Kate hires Conner’s PI firm to help solve the puzzle of who Greg and Todd Sanders really are.

The Author Irene Hannon has done a fantastic job of bring a compelling Christian story to life with strong characters. She combines mystery, spine tingling drama and deception that results in a novel that will keep you at the edge of your seat. I give Deceived 5 stars and highly recommend it to all who love a good mystery, suspense, a little romance and Christian Fiction. Deceived is book 3 of the Private Justice. Book 1 Vanished & Book 2 Trapped were just as good and all can be read as a stand alone book.

I want to give a high-five to the author Irene Hannon and publisher Revell for bringing gripping Christian books that are entertaining and give hope to the reader with stories of faith. You hit it out the ball park with this one. I was provided me with this book in exchange for my honest review and I am so grateful for their, the authors and publishers generosity.

 Vanished (Private Justice Series #1)   Trapped (Private Justice Series #2)

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Undercover Marriage by Terri Reed

Undercover Marriage (Love Inspired Suspense Series)
Photos and Description from Barnes & Noble
Book Description: THE BABY MISSION
An illegal adoption ring—using kidnapped babies—has to be stopped. To gather the necessary evidence, U.S. marshal Serena Summers goes undercover—as a married woman desperate for a baby. Her "husband" is her own partner, U.S. marshal Josh McCall, whom Serena blames for her brother's death. How can she act like a loving wife when she has to constantly fight her feelings for a man she isn't sure she can trust? The closer they get to unraveling the dark web of deceit, though, the more being Josh's undercover wife means putting her life—and future—in his hands.
Witness Protection: Hiding in plain sight

My Review: Undercover Marriage, Witness Protection: Hiding in plain sight by Terri Reed

ISBN 978-0-373-44600-1

Love Inspired Suspense

Inspirational, Romantic, Suspense

   U.S. Marshall Serena Summers is aloof and distant toward her partner U.S. Marshall Josh McCall. She blames him for the death of her brother. They are working an illegal adoption ring case together and get asked to pose as a undercover married couple. The put their dislike and distrust of each other aside to find out who is kidnapping babies and putting them up for adoption. I enjoyed how forgiveness was played out in this book.

   I really enjoy this book. I find it to contain action and suspense around every corner. It was fast paced, had intense drama and was a great read. The characters were realistic and well developed. The main characters have a deep-seated faith with hint of strong family values. Undercover Marriage is book 6 in the Witness Protection Series: Hiding in plain sight. It can be read as a stand alone, in fact I did not realize it was part of a series until I started reading the inside cover. Then I realized I had read book 2 The Baby Rescue by Margaret Daley. It was also a great book. I highly recommend this book and can not wait to read more in this series. I give Undercover Marriage 5 stars.
  I want to thank the author Terri Reed and publisher Love Inspired Suspense for bringing good clean Christian books like this one to readers like me.

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Stolen Memories (Love Inspired Suspense Series)  Safe by the Marshal's Side (Love Inspired Suspense Series)  The Baby Rescue (Love Inspired Suspense Series)    Top Secret Identity (Love Inspired Suspense Series)  Family in Hiding (Love Inspired Suspense Series)

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Final Trimester by Dianna T. Benson

Final Trimester
Photos and Book Description from Barnes & Noble
Book Description: Paramedic Jodi Duncan recognizes the work of a serial killer before the Myrtle Beach PD even suspects a connection between the deaths of two pregnant women. Despite the vast differences in the two cases, Jodi urges Detective Nate Quigley to think outside the box. After digging deep into the separate investigations, Nate finds no evidence to support a serial killer theory, and he warns Jodi to back off police business, which only fuels her passion for the cases.
When a third pregnant woman is murdered, Nate is named lead detective on the case and works to link the deaths in order to unmask and stop the serial murderer, a disturbed man who believes God and the devil battle inside his head to bend him according to their wills. As he fights both voices, his interest fixates on Jodi when he discovers her obsession with ending his rampage.

My Review: Final Trimester, The Quigley Triplets Series by Dianna T. Benson
ISBN 978-1-917844-75-2

Christian, Suspense, Romance Fiction

Paramedic Jodi Duncan wants to be a mother more than anything in the world. She loss a child years ago, she is a foster mom and wants to adopt but because she is single she is having a hard time. Detective Nate Quigley is decided to his job. After the loss of his wife and young son he never wants another child or to be married again, it’s just to hard. No matter how many times Nate asks Jodi to back off police business she can not seem to let the idea they have a serial killer on the loose. Before long she has caught the attention of a master of disguise and evil, Campden. Join Jodi and Nate as they fight to stop a serial killer targeting women late in their pregnancy.

Wow, I don’t know what to say. Dianna T. Benson is a great new author to me. This was my first book I read by her but I will be reading many others. This book started with a bang and just kept going. Intense action and suspense that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It also includes romance, heartbreak and healing that is only possible by faith in God . I LOVED this novel. I am looking forward to Luke and Abigail’s stories in the second and third books of The Quigley Triplets Series. I give Final Trimester 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone that likes Christian, Suspense, and Romance Fiction.

I want to give a high-five to the author Dianna T. Benson and publisher Ellechor Publishing House for bringing compelling Christian books that are entertaining and give hope to the reader with stories of faith. The Book Club Network Inc. provided me with this book in exchange for my honest review and I am so grateful for their, the authors and publishers generosity.

Other Books By Dianna T. Benson

 Persephone's Fugitive        The Hidden Son

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The Westward Christmas Brides Collection

The Westward Christmas Brides Collection: 9 Historical Romances Answer the Call of the American WestPicture and Book desciption from Barnes and Noble
Book Desrciption: Take the journey into the American west alongside nine women who are chasing their dreams—Cynthia, for security; Beryl, for a new family; Adeline, for freedom; Molly, for marriage; Beth, for a new start; Belinda, for a place to heal; Suzette, for adventure; Juliet, for peace; and Caroline, for a future for her children. Celebrate Christmas alongside these pioneers as love finds them in nine distinctly different romances penned by leading Christian fiction authors, including New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter.
My Review: The Westward Christmas Brides Collection by Wanda E. Brunstetter, Susan Page Davis, Melanie Dobson, Cathy Liggett, Vickie McDonough, Olivia Newport, Janet Spaeth, Jennifer Rogers Spinola, and Mary Lu Tyndall

ISBN 978-1-62836-812-3

Historical, Christian, Romance, Fiction

The Westward Christmas Brides Collection is nine Historical romances. Each novel is set in the west in the 1800’s. All are seeking a new life and a new place to call home. Each author has put their spin on the perfect Christmas for any bride. I have discovered a few new authors to me. I could never pick the best story because they are all fantastic. I give The Westward Christmas Brides Collection 5 stars, great job ladies. If you enjoy historical fiction I highly recommend The Westward Christmas Brides Collection to you.

A Christmas Prayer by Wanda E. Brunstetter

April 15, 1850 three covered wagons set out to travel the wild west from Independence, Missouri to the land of opportunity, California. All travelers are strangers from different walks of life. Cynthia Cooper travels with her mother Mabel and fiancée Walter. While Cynthia is fun loving and full of life her mother and Walter are spoiled snobs. Jack Simpson travels with his children 4 year old Alan and 6 year old Amelia. They come from Cedar Rapids, Iowa looking for a new beginning. Amelia has not spoken a word since witnessing the tragic death of her mother. Cole is a blacksmith from Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He is traveling with his adventurous sister Virginia. He wants to marry some day but wants to find gold first. She would love to teach again but needs to get away from the place she was jilted. As they make the long tedious journey the only thing that helps them survive is blind faith. This was a great story filled with faith.

Another Christmas Story by Susan Page Davis

Nineteen year old Beryl Jenner travels in a large train caravan through Nebraska Territory in 1856. When a tragic accident strikes, her and her young brother are stranded in Chiswell Rock at the trading post. The are left to survive by the kindness of strangers. James Lassen and his family do everything in their power to help the Jenner’s. They give and care for others like the Samaritan in the Bible. Not expecting anything in return but giving their all. This is a great story of compassion. I really enjoyed this story and found the author did an outstanding job.

The Reluctant Runaway by Melanie Dobson

Omaha, Nebraska December 1889 Lavinia Kathryn Starr is on the run from her evil step brother Patrick. As she boards a train for New York City Patrick closes in on her. She is on the run again this time on a train to parts unknown. Isaac Loritz sees Lavinia soon after he arrives in Aspen, Colorado, he offers his assistance but is turned down. Later when he finds her in his barn they form a friendship of sorts. As trust builds will their new friendship stands up to the pressure of money. This was a phenomenal story of trust and faith, with romance and a little trepidation.

A Stagecoach Christmas by Cathy Liggett

Western Missouri 1849 It wasn’t a knight on a white horse that showed up to rescue the passengers of the stagecoach but a rancher looking to start over running away from Christmas. They were headed to Huxley to join family and friends for Christmas when the weather stops them in their tracks. Charlotte Crandall and her elderly mother Ms Vivian, barrister Benjamin Cottingham and his 6 year old granddaughter Melissa and driver Daniel Becker like Molly all had big plans. Molly O’Brien was looking to start a new life only to find herself on a rowdy ride. Samuel Harden finds instant attraction to the spunky redheaded spitfire he rescues. The passengers of the stagecoach end up on a deserted ranch owned by Samuel and find their best Christmas yet. This was a great novel about grief turned to joy. I really related to the characters.

Forging a Family by Vickie McDonough

Advent, Texas 1890 Beth Ruskin, is a agent with the Children’s Aid Society, delivering kids to their new families. When a flash flood leaves her and her father stranded in Advent Texas, she helps her father care for patients. She first sets eye on the local blacksmith Cade Maddox when he brings a injured man to her father. It’s love at first sight for Beth. Cade struggles with caring for his young daughter a overworked single man. He wonders if own Orphan Train daughter would be better off with a regular family. This is fantastic story of love and sacrifice that all parents face. I fell in love with the characters and I am sure you will too.

Snow Song by Olivia Newport

1871 Belinda Michaels is heartbroken when Hayden Fairbanks does not show up for their engagement dinner. She is so hurt she hops a train to San Francisco only to run into him and a young child. When the train is snowed in all passengers and Belinda are left strained on the tracks. Can she find a way to trust Hayden again and give him another chance? Read this terrific book to find out. Olivia Newport is a new author to but I really enjoyed her story.

Christmas, Maybe by Janet Spaeth

For as long as Suzette Longmont can remember she has dreamed of the wild untamed nature of paradise, riding horseback with her hair blowing out behind her. But she was born into a life of privilege. She was expected to cook gourmet meals, keep a well decorated home for entertaining but she failed miserably. She jumps at the chance to help family in the Dakota Territory when relatives need help. Boring Harrison, the man that she was promised to marry in a arrangement marriage, decides to follow her there in fear of losing her forever. As she settles into a new routine she discovers there is more to Harrison than she ever thought. Can they make a relationship work? Read this faith filled novel to find out.

The Christmas Bread by Jennifer Rogers Spinola

September 1865 Juliet followed in her father footstep as a doctor. Jacob Pike a confederate war hero is on the same wagon train as Juliet. They face tragedy, sickness and are caught in the cross fires of a war that should be over. As they fight for their lives Juliet’s atrocity toward Jacob softens into something far more likeable, maybe even a fondness or love as the wagon train travels. This is a great story showing how nothing is impossible with God. By far this story will pull at your heartstrings like none of the others. I enjoyed my fist book by Jennifer Rogers Spinola very much.

Christmas Bounty by MaryLu Tyndal

Santa Barbara, California 1855 Caroline Moreau is a widowed mother of two, trying to keep her husbands dreams alive. But barely keeping Moreau Winery alive. As her and her children leave market they come across a public hanging in town square. They only thing that will save Pirate Dante Vega from hanging for his crimes is if a single lady will marry and make a decent man out of him. Caroline is in need of some one to protect her, the children and vineyard. Could Dante become the man of her dreams and save them? You will have to read this fantastic book to find out. Caroline is filled with a unbreakable faith that will inspire you. This was a glorious novel.

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Esther 3:7-11




Esther 3:7-11 In the twelfth year of King Xerxes, in the first month, the month of Nisan, the pur (that is, the lot) was cast in the presence of Haman to select a day and month. And the lot fell on the twelfth month, the month of Adar. 8 Then Haman said to King Xerxes, “There is a certain people dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of your kingdom who keep themselves separate. Their customs are different from those of all other people, and they do not obey the king’s laws; it is not in the king’s best interest to tolerate them. 9 If it pleases the king, let a decree be issued to destroy them, and I will give ten thousand talents of silver to the king’s administrators for the royal treasury.”

10 So the king took his signet ring from his finger and gave it to Haman son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, the enemy of the Jews. 11 “Keep the money,” the king said to Haman, “and do with the people as you please.”

Scripture: Psalm 52:2 You who practice deceit, your tongue plots destruction;
it is like a sharpened razor.

Commentary from Esther Verse 7 Haman wanted to select a lucky date when he could kill the Jews. So he told his officials to throw the Purim (special stones with numbers on them). The way that the stones fell on the ground would show the best day and month for some act. God made sure that the Purim stones chose a date nearly a year later. God had a special plan to save the Jews from Haman’s plot. Verses 8-11 Haman told the king about a certain nation. But he did not say which nation. Haman pretended that he was trying to assist the king. Haman said that this particular nation did not obey the king’s laws. The Jews did have the laws of God. But they usually obeyed the king’s laws too. Mordecai was a Jew but he was also loyal to the king (Esther 2:22). Haman offered the king a huge sum of money. It seems that Haman was already very rich. But he would probably take all the property of the Jews that he killed. The king should have been surprised that Haman was willing to give such a large amount. Xerxes gave his ring to Haman. This action meant that Haman had the king’s authority to carry out his plot. The king answered ‘The silver is yours.’ This might mean ‘Keep the money.’ But the king was probably just being polite. We know from history that the king was rich and greedy. Mordecai believed that Haman had promised to pay the money (Esther 4:7).

Psalms 52 Verse 2: Our tongue is the part of our mouth that we eat and speak with. David says that Doeg’s tongue is like a sharp knife. The Hebrew word means "razor". A razor is the sharp knife that men shave (or cut off) their beards with! Doeg’s words cut and hurt people’s feelings.

Application: Human cast lots to see when he would kill the Jews. Little did he know God had a plan. The day of death was a year away giving Esther time to prepare. Instead of practicing destruction with our words, why not practice praise and thanksgiving. We should offer thanks ever day for the blessing God gives us. We can never say thank you enough to our friends, family, leaders or even God. When praise and thanksgiving become a integral part of your life, you will find that your attitude toward life will change. You will become more positive, gracious, loving and humble.

Prayer: Thank You Jesus for the blessings You have given us. God of all blessings,
source of all life, giver of all grace: We thank you for the gift of life: for the breath
that sustains life, for the food of this earth that nurtures life, for the love of family and friends without which there would be no life. We thank you for the mystery of creation:
for the beauty that the eye can see, for the joy that the ear may hear, for the unknown
that we cannot behold filling the universe with wonder, for the expanse of space
that draws us beyond the definitions of our selves. We thank you for setting us in communities: for families who nurture our becoming, for friends who love us by choice,
for companions at work, who share our burdens and daily tasks, for strangers who welcome us into their midst, for people from other lands who call us to grow in understanding, for children who lighten our moments with delight, for the unborn,
who offer us hope for the future. We thank you for this day: for life and one more day to love, for opportunity and one more day to work for justice and peace, for neighbors
and one more person to love and by whom be loved, for your grace and one more experience of your presence, for your promise: to be with us, to be our God, and to give salvation. For these, and all blessings, we give you thanks, eternal, loving God,
through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.
Prayer from

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Surviving Henry by Erin Taylor Young

Surviving Henry Cover
Photo from

About the Surviving Henery, Adventures in Loving a Canine Catastrophe by Erin Taylor Young:You don't always know what you're getting into when you bring home a puppy. Enter Henry, a boxer who suffers from Supreme Dictator of the Universe Syndrome. He vandalizes his obedience school, leaps through windows, cheats death at every turn, and generally causes his long-suffering owner Erin Taylor Young to wonder what on earth she did that God would send this dog to derail her life.

Through his laugh-out-loud antics and escapades, Henry will steal readers' hearts. Anyone who has ever owned a dog, especially a canine catastrophe like Henry, will enjoy this lighthearted book about a dog who brings new meaning to the concept of unconditional love. From Amazon
My Review: Surviving Henry Adventures in Loving a Canine Catastrophe by Erin Taylor Young

I LOVED this book. Henry is a boxer with endless energy. It was refreshing to hear the antics of others peoples pets. I found the author Erin Taylor Young, to be quite funny and found myself laughing so hard I cried. In all Henry’s antics he was still loveable, reminds me of a kid with ADHD. Always into something but never with a malice heart. Henry reminds me of some of the dogs and cats I have owned or fostered. I admire the way the author summed it up, “I love this dog… because, maybe this is the sum of countless choices. Every decisions I’ve made to keep going, keep working, keep trying had added up to loving Henry with my actions, even when my feelings were anything but. Funny how the warmth of emotion caught up to my choices somewhere along the way. Like finding a rare gift in s beat up box.”

The author did a fantastic job of describing Henry with love and passion. I give Surviving Henry 5 stars and would loved to read more about him. I normally do not read much non-fiction but loved this one and would consider others by this author.

I want to thank the author Erin Taylor Young and publisher Revell for bringing good clean funny Christian books like this one to readers like me. I would also like to thank The Book Club Network Inc. for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.
About the author: Image of Erin Taylor Young Erin Taylor Young is a humor writer living in a comedy with an all-star cast including one well-meaning husband, two polar opposite sons, and a noncompliant dog. When she isn't writing or rescuing the dog from mortal danger, she works in a library where she gets to wander among books.

She has a bachelors degree in art and a masters degree in music, which is mostly inconsequential but makes her sound more reputable. She loves football (Da Bears), photography, and hiking in cool national parks. From Amozon

Suviving Henry

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Esther 2:5-7

Tuesday September 9, 2014 Read: Esther 2:5-7 5 Now there was in the citadel of Susa a Jew of the tribe of Benjamin, named Mordecai son of Jair, the son of Shimei, the son of Kish, 6 who had been carried into exile from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, among those taken captive with Jehoiachin king of Judah. 7 Mordecai had a cousin named Hadassah, whom he had brought up because she had neither father nor mother. This young woman, who was also known as Esther, had a lovely figure and was beautiful. Mordecai had taken her as his own daughter when her father and mother died.

Scripture: James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Commentary Esther Verses 5-7 The writer interrupts the story to tell us about Esther and Mordecai. They are very important people in the story. They were Jews.

The king of Babylon had taken King Jehoiachin and many of the Jews away from Jerusalem over 100 years earlier. Esther’s Jewish name was Hadassah. The name Esther might be the same as Ishtar, who was the female god of love in Babylon. Often the people in Babylon gave Jews the names of false gods. They did this because they wanted the Jews to forget the real God. Esther was very beautiful. God made her beautiful, because he was going to make her the queen. God makes each of us what he wants us to be.

James 1 Verse 27 This is not a full description of what true and pure religion is. It does show the kind of religion that God accepts. There must be these two parts to it. There must be a real love for God and a love for men and women. Love always wants to do good things. Religion must be more than words. It must show our love for God in what we do and what we are. An example of that love in action is the care of those who are in need. Orphans and widows had no help and no-one to look after them. These were the two groups most in need of aid. Pure religion is to go to these to comfort and to help them. Pure religion has to do with what we are as well as what we do. We have to love God and to please him. He demands that we should be holy, as he is holy. This means that we should keep ourselves from all the moral evil that is in the world. But God does not accept people because of their good works. He accepts them because they have a true relationship with him. And those who know God like this will do good works. He is not only their God but he is their Father. They have become his children by trusting in the Lord Jesus

Application: Mordecai life was filled with challenges that he turned into opportunity to serve God. He showed great love for Esther. At the time she was left orphaned by her parents death, he was over a hundred years. He took her in and raised her as his own. Had Mordecai not stepped up Esther would have had beg, sell herself, or she would have starved. Mordecai put his faith in action. He had no hope of receiving anything in return but still he served God. As Christians we need to keep ourselves from being polluted by the world and things of the world. We need to be committed to Christ’s value and moral system. The world’s moral system is based on money, power and pleasure. True faith can mean nothing if we are committed to such values. Instead our focus should be faith, God and family.

Prayer: Jesus you have given me so much. I have a home, food, friends, and family. You have blessed me with so much. I am forever grateful for each blessing. Father their are so many that have nothing. They face hunger and homelessness, protect them Father, keep them safe and feed. Help them find their way through life, to hear You and know Your voice. Father I pray You would give me a heart for the less fortunate. I pray that I can lift them up and help them in some way. In Your name I pray. Amen

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Awakening by Tracy Higley

Book Description: Critically Acclaimed Romantic Suspense Novel

Kallie Andreas is a mystery, even to herself.

Seven years ago Kallie woke up in a New York City museum, injured and traumatized. Alone and unclaimed.

Despite her shattered memories, she's worked her way into a position as assistant curator in that very museum, and now she wants nothing more than to pursue funding for her project--assembling pieces from the ancient Minoans.

But then the blackouts start. Lost time, stranded in terrifying danger, frantic visions that can't be real. A threatening phone call may be nothing more than paranoia and madness. Or perhaps not.

It's time to start seeing her psychiatrist more often.

Kallie's doctor challenges her to keep a journal, but her writing morphs into something else... What begins as a romantic fairy tale becomes an allegory of a woman plunged into crisis in the ancient past, in the misty islands of Minoan Greece, home to myth and legend.

When a mysterious billionaire invites Kallie to scour the black market with him for the most valuable of all Minoan treasures, the key to their lost language, Kallie can't resist. Dimitri is wealthy, charming and good-looking, but she's not interested--not in someone who's clearly hiding secrets of his own.

Together, the two embark on a global quest to find the Key, through some of the most exotic and beautiful locations in the world--unraveling the mystery and pursuing leads, all the while resisting romance in Italy, under the Santorini sun, and among the pyramids of Egypt.

Meanwhile, Kallie's memories are bleeding through and her journal has turned violent. She's teetering on the verge of a breakthrough, but what devastating truth has she been suppressing?

When a strange woman who clearly knows Kallie's real identity tries to murder her, it's clear that Kallie's past and present worlds are colliding, in a deadly crisis that will finally reveal the shocking mystery of her past.

But will the truth leave room for love? 

My Review: Awakening by Tracy Higley

Kallie only has memories of the last 7 years. She has given her life to researching the Ancient Minoans searching for the Linear A Key. She is joined by Dimitri Andreas and his team as they explore the world. The face secret dangers from the past, search countless clues and face death as they search for the key to the Minoan language. Join Kallie and Dimitri as they travel through exotic historical locations. This book seemed to be two stories in one. Kallie journal entries takes us on a ancient voyage into an unknown world.

The author Tracy Higley has done a great job with this book. She uses vivid details from her own visits to these exotic places. This book has a little of it all, you have the exotic places, historical facts, romance, suspense and vibrant characters. To say the least this book was different from anything I have ever read. I give Awakening 4 stars.

I want to thank the author Tracy Higley and publisher Stone water Press for bringing good clean Christian books like this one to readers like me. I would also like to thank The Book Club Network Inc. for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.

Book Desription from Amazon and Photo from Barnes & Noble


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A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride, Four Generations of Wyoming Ranchers Celebrate Love at Christmas By Elizabeth Goddard and Lynette Sowell




A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride: Four Generations of Wyoming Ranchers Celebrate Love at Christmas
Photo from Indigo



About A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride: from Indigo
 Wyoming’s spectacular mountains have drawn many—from trappers to ranchers to skiing enthusiasts. This Christmas, spend the holidays with the Covington family, who have called Wyoming home for generations. Rough, bristly rancher Zebulon sets his sights on eastern lady Belle Murray. Forward-thinking Emily would rather stay a dog musher than become a bride. Outfitter Sam wants to make his name in Wyoming—not say “I do.” Hayley’s quest for her father’s approval goes sour when she takes an interest in a local ski bum. Will four festive sleigh rides rein in romance?

My Review:
A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride, Four Generations of Wyoming Ranchers Celebrate Love at Christmas By Elizabeth Goddard and Lynette Sowell

A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride takes us on a adventure through four generations with the Covington family. The characters live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from 1888 until present time. Each story highlights the way of life for that time period and the changes that came since the generation before them. They all have a magical sleigh ride in common. I fell in love with the characters and their stories especially Haley. For some reason her story just warmed my heart. The authors Lynette Sowell and Elizabeth Goddard did an outstanding job of brining life to the characters. Their stories are real, heartwarming and you find yourself caught up in their life. A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride is full of passion, faith and a belief that you can survive. The Covington family will inspire you to do great things with whatever you have. I give this inspiring book 5 stars and know anyone that if you enjoy historical romance and contemporary romance will find something to love about this book.

A Wedding for Bella by Lynette Sowell

Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming 1888.
Bella Murphy has no living family after the death of her sister and brother in law died in a accident. She had been living with them in Jackson’s Hole working toward their claim of the land. She only has the winter left before she can file a claim for legal ownership of the land. Zebulon Covington has promised Bella’s brother in law that if anything should happen to him he would look out for Bella. He wants nothing more than to put her on a train back East to home. But Bella is bound and determined to stay, no matter how harsh the winter will be. Zebulon is sure he has no desire for a wife but can Bella can his mind? He finds her too proper and she finds him old and unrefined. Can a proper gentleman be hiding under all that hair? I found the characters to be spunky, fun and faithful. I loved the mules James and John that tended to act like the Sons of Thunder and found them to be an added bonus full of amusement. I give A Wedding for Bella 5 stars.

A Mirage of Snow By Lynette Sowell

Jackson Hole, Wyoming 1919.
The city of St Louis, was closing in around Billy Will Adams. So he packed up and moves back to Jackson Hole. He went to school with Emily Covington and they had been great friends until the death of Will’s father. At which time he and his mother moved back East. Now Billy had grown into Will, a lawyer and he has returned to Jackson Hole to settle down and build a practice. As Will and Emily start to develop feeling for one another Will’s ex fiancée shows up bound and determined to win his affections back. This was a sweet story of long lasting love, the characters were down home friendly and full of faith. I enjoyed Will and Emily’s story and found the author Lynette Sowell did a great job of bringing the character to life in a old fashioned love story. They were easy to fall in love with and believable. I give A Mirage of Snow 4 stars.

Winter Wonderland by Elizabeth Goddard

Jackson Hole, Wyoming 1929.
Anne Kirkland comes to Jackson Hole from Manhattan, New York, to take photographs for her fathers magazine. Once there she discovers the guide she hired has left her high and dry. Sam Covington wants to start his own guide business Anne will be his first customer. Both want their father to see them for their worth. Winter Wonderland is a great story of romance, faith and love. I feel in love with the characters and admired their strong moral ethic. Elizabeth Goddard did a great job with is story.

Ribbon of Light by Elizabeth Goddard

Present day Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Haley Covington was expected to take over Covington Ranch like family members before her but she has other dreams. The last thing she want to do is let her father down. If only there was a way to run the ranch and follow her dreams. When Jim Taylor offers to feature her pottery in Blue Mountain Art Gallery, she discovers dreams can come true. Sparks fly when she meets Ty Walker the local sky bum, but he has nothing to offer Haley. But after meeting her he knows she is the one. Can meeting Haley be a answered prayer? Ty and Haley’s story is full of faith that will inspire you to reach for the stars, and hardship and roadblocks that have the potential to stop you in your tracks. You will be find the inspiration to dream after reading this 5 star story. The author Elizabeth Goddard did an amazing job with this tale.

I want to give a high-five to the authors Elizabeth Goddard, Lynette Sowell and publisher Barbour Books for bringing compelling Christian books that are entertaining and give hope to the reader with stories of faith. I was provided with this book in exchange for my honest review and I am so grateful for the authors and publishers generosity.