Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prayer for the Devil by Dale Allen

This book is outstanding. It is full of action, mystery, political intrigue. My curiosity was piqued at the title. You have the Catholic faith, the Jewish faith and the faith of the Muslim represented in one suspenseful book. Twin brothers Father Luke and Aaron Miller are as different as their faith. Luke followed his mother’s Catholic faith and Aaron follows his father’s Jewish heritage. Aaron is a political campaign manager for the up and coming presidential candidate. He is killed alone with other political and religious leaders in a terrorist bombing. Father Luke decides to find his brothers murder when the local police and FBI fail. He finds help in unlikely characters, two homeless men, the adopted brother and sister of a terrorist, the wife of a political leader, sister of a Muslim leader killed and the Vatican. His quest for answers takes him half way around the world, to Dubai, in the Middle East. Father Luke’s search has the potential to change lives, from the homeless, to his family and the families of others killed with his brother. His quest for revenge puts into question his true commitment to the priesthood, and the pull of right and wrong in the name of justice. The author Dale Allen writes in a believable fast paced style that will draw you in and have you coming back for more. This is the only book I have read by him but will surely read anything else he writes. I highly recommend this book, as being of a Christian, political thriller nature that is clean, without dirty scenes or foul language. I would like to thank BookFun.org, the author Dale Allen and publisher for this book in exchange for my honest option. I give this book 5 stars.

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